Energy LED specialise in saving companies energy and money.

As a proud Philips Professional Lighting Partner, we provide an advanced full spectrum LED lighting solution for companies who are utilising outdated, inefficient and expensive lighting technology, as well as new build lighting supply.

Through the implementation of the Philips Professional Lighting LED range, we typically save customers 70% of their current lighting energy charges whilst significantly improving light levels, ensuring OHS compliance, increasing production and minimising maintenance costs.

Our professional no obligation service commences with a site survey to identify inefficient lighting and to quantify current lighting energy usage and the appropriate Philips LED replacement products. A comprehensive feasibility report and proposal is then compiled from this information, which includes key financial metrics such as return on investment and internal rate of return calculations.

We have assisted numerous industrial and manufacturing facilities to convert over 220,000 square metres of inefficient industrial lighting to energy efficient LED lighting, saving customers tens of millions in electricity costs whilst significantly reducing the amount of CO² released into the environment. To date, we have successfully managed to reduce carbon emissions by 9.5 tonnes annually, which is comparable to planting 26 000 trees, in addition to reducing the demand on the grid by 9.6 million KWh or 1.4 MW.

Case studies and references provide potential customers with peace of mind that our track record of successful solutions and installations have yielded excellent measurable results and that their investment is secure in the latest, reliable and proven technology.

Why invest in Philips products
and not other lighting manufacturers?

Philips is the biggest lighting company in the world with lighting sales exceeding $ 8 Billion per annum. Philips has invested € 1.012 Billion (approximately ZAR 15 billion) on research and development over the past 3 years alone, assuring customers that their products are thoroughly researched and backed by Philips South Africa’s standard 36 month warranty.

The line graph above shows the average KWH rates in South Africa and the increases for the past 15 years. During the past 10 years alone, the price of electricity has escalated by 363% which far outstrips inflation. The operational impact of these continual increases is that all company’s electricity expenses have risen significantly, putting pressure on competitiveness and strengthening the decision to immediately reduce operating costs.

The projected KWH rates for 2018-2019 are based on a 13% increase per annum. This is likely to be higher with Eskom already having requested more than this to cover the cost of the diesel generators which were used to reduce load shedding in 2015, along with essential infrastructure maintenance and significant new power station budget overruns.

Converting to energy efficient LED lighting
makes more financial sense now more than ever.

Please contact us to arrange
a risk-free assessment of your