The energy saving LED unit econmics of replacing various traditional lighting with Philips LED equivalent are shown below with the green bars representing the energy savings versus the cost (blue bars). As you can see the savings are up to 10 times more than the investment. This demonstrates the high profits that can be made through the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

Energy LED also has a rental model whereby the monthly savings can be used to fund the rental cost and generate profit and positive cashflow from Day 1. The benefit of this solution is that no capex is required and the lights pay for themselves.


Philips GreenPerform Highbay G4

52W – 192W
6,800 – 26,500 Lumens
Fully Water / Dust proof (IP65)
Surge protection 4KV and Voltage stabilisation (80-305 VAC)

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Conventional Highbay
(250W,400W, 1000W)

250W – 1000W


Tango G4 LED

50W – 400W

Non-corrosive die-cast aluminum housing and steel bracket

15 KV Surge protection and Voltage Stabilisation 85-305VAC

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Conventional Floods

125W – 1000W

Coreline Waterproof

Philips CoreLine Waterproof


Surface Mounted Fluorescent Replacement
IP65 – Water and Dust Proof

600- 1500mm

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Fluorescent Tubes in IP65 Water / Dust proof

LED Batten

CoreRange Batten

38.5 Watt 4,000 Lumen; 57 Watt 6,000 Lumen
Replaces 4 and 5 foot traditional fluorescent fittings
where Waterproof fittings aren’t necessary

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Conventional Open Channel Fluorescent fittings

2 x 36W 4 foot open channel fittings (1200mm)
2 x 58W 5 foot open channel fittings (1500mm)

MASTER Ledtube

Philips MasterLED Tubes

Retrofit MasterLED Tubes into existing fluorescent fittings
50,000 hours and up to 150 lumen/watt efficiency
Bypass ballast with 220V straight to Pin Holders

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Fluorescent tubes
(36W 4 foot, 58W 5 foot)

36 Watt 4 foot fluorescent tubes
58 Watt 5 foot fluorescent tubes

SmartBright Troffer

Philips SmartBright Troffer

1200x600mm 52W 4,400 Lumen
600x600mm 26W 2,200 Lumen

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Conventional Recessed Grills (1200x600mm or 600x600mm)

3x36W Recessed Grill
3x18W Recessed Grill