Philips GreenPerform Highbay G3

85W – 225W
11,000 – 29,000 Lumens
Fully Water / Dust proof (IP65)
Surge protection 4KV and Voltage stabilisation (80-305 VAC)

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Conventional Highbay
(250W,400W, 1000W)

250W – 1000W


Tango G3 LED

50W – 400W

Non-corrosive die-cast aluminum housing and steel bracket

15 KV Surge protection and Voltage Stabilisation 85-305VAC

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Conventional Floods

125W – 1000W

Coreline Waterproof

Philips CoreLine Waterproof


Surface Mounted Fluorescent Replacement
IP65 – Water and Dust Proof

600- 1500mm

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Fluorescent Tubes in IP65 Water / Dust proof

LED Batten

CoreRange Batten

38.5 Watt 4,000 Lumen; 57 Watt 6,000 Lumen
Replaces 4 and 5 foot traditional fluorescent fittings
where Waterproof fittings aren’t necessary

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Conventional Open Channel Fluorescent fittings

2 x 36W 4 foot open channel fittings (1200mm)
2 x 58W 5 foot open channel fittings (1500mm)

MASTER Ledtube

Philips MasterLED Tubes

Retrofit MasterLED Tubes into existing fluorescent fittings
50,000 hours and up to 150 lumen/watt efficiency
Bypass ballast with 220V straight to Pin Holders

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Fluorescent tubes
(36W 4 foot, 58W 5 foot)

36 Watt 4 foot fluorescent tubes
58 Watt 5 foot fluorescent tubes

SmartBright Troffer

Philips SmartBright Troffer

1200x600mm 52W 4,400 Lumen
600x600mm 26W 2,200 Lumen

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Conventional Recessed Grills (1200x600mm or 600x600mm)

3x36W Recessed Grill
3x18W Recessed Grill