Project Description

Tango G3 LED Floodlight

  • The energy-saving Philips Tango G3 LED Floodlight is the ideal solution for a wide range of Area lighting applications. It incorporates the

  • LED light source, optical system, heat sink and driver into one compact and robust housing that meets globally recognized safety standards.

  • Its specially designed heat sink incorporates aesthetics and functionality to ensure excellent reliability.

  • Powered by LED technology, this luminaire delivers superior performance and a longer lifetime, bringing area lighting to a whole new level.

Thousands of Tango LED flood lights have been installed at blue chip companies across South Africa. For 12 hour burning floods, paybacks are typically under 2 years of the >10 years life. Light levels are improved and maintenance is eliminated.


  • Optical beam choices (symmetric wide and asymmetric medium) fulfills majority of lighting application needs.

  • Along with the 15KV/KA surge protection, the non-corrosive die-cast aluminum housing and steel bracket provide adequate support when the luminaire is installed in harsh environments.


  • System efficacy reaches 120lm/w, which generates more than 50% in energy savings compared to conventional floodlights. Dimmable feature delivers added power efficiency – light areas when you need to.

  • Lifetime reaches 50,000 hours at L70.

  • Toolless opening reduces installation and maintenance time, increase the working efficiency and good user experience.


  • Area lighting

  • Industrial areas

  • Façade

  • Billboard lighting

  • Parking lots

  • Ports

  • Airports

  • Driving ranges

  • Parks